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’s-Hertogenbosch, november 2015

BIC takes-over Protein Plant Cargill

BIC Protein recently purchased the Protein factory from Cargill GOSCE in the Netherlands. In the past this factory produced Cargill’s range of Prolia / Provasoy products. Cargill and BIC Protein closely cooperate on the Soy Protein products already for years. The sale & purchase of the assets enables both companies to further focus on its core competences.

Harro de Groot of BIC Protein explains: “This take-over gives us the opportunity to execute our goal on backward integration. A further extension of the product range and service to the market can be realized. The take-over will strengthen our strategy to develop strong partnerships with our customers. Moreover it will allow us to operate (more) independently from soy crushers.”

BIC is established in 2012 and consists of several companies, including BIC Protein. All BIC subsidiaries focus on the food, feed and pharma industry. If it concerns producing, trading or consulting, BIC is the right partner of choice providing customers with the right product on the right time. BIC’s philosophy: “A flexible supply chain enables the optimization of the usage of working capital. The market demands nowadays reliable and sustainable ingredients. Being at the start of the production process, it simplifies the execution of this philosophy.”

The new Amsterdam Protein site will be operated and managed by BIC operators. The BIC Protein Amsterdam site will be fully integrated in the quality systems, which includes ISO 22000, Cert-ID Non GMO, GMP+, Kosher and Halal certification. The quality assurance system gives full control at every stage of the supply chain. Besides it enables BIC to guarantee first class quality products and optimal logistics to the customer.

Moreover, through this take-over BIC Protein has fully segregated lines for GMO & Non-GMO production. BIC Proteins’ Sofarine range includes soy grits, flakes & flour both toasted and untoasted.

The new activities of BIC Protein will be located in the Amsterdam Port at Fosfaatweg 8-10, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The development does not impact the current activities at the product location in Fijnaart nor at the head office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. For further information please visit: